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Designed for Gamers

Inactivity is an occupational hazard for gamers. That's why we came up with gaming socks! Care for your feet and reduce the risk of further issues.

Stimulate blood flow

Lack of activity leads to reduced blood flow, muscle-fatigue and a whole host of other issues. Our socks feature compression technology designed to gently increase blood flow.

Combats Foot Odour

Our gaming socks are naturally anti-bacterial. Reducing foot odour and allowing to focus on what matters.

Let your feet breathe

The natural fibres used means our gaming compression socks are breathable. This reduces the conditions that promote foot odour, keeping your feet fresh.

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Gamers not doctors 👨‍⚕️

We design comfortable compression socks for gamers. We make no medical promises and if you are worried, or show any symptoms of health issues before or after wearing compression socks, please see your doctor (obviously!)

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